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Cargo Barge

1000 Ton Revolving Floating Crane

Floating crane 1000ton
Type of vessel: floating crane
Class: China ZC
Fixed Lifting Capacity: 1000ton 
revolving lifting capacity: 450ton
Date of emplacing keel Jan, 18 2006 
Date of construction Jan, 20 2007
LOA 80.70 m 
Length 78.00 m 
Length of waterline 79.35 m
Breadth 30.00 m 
Depth 5.80 m 
Light draught 2.006 m
Full-load draught 2.80 m 
Full-load displacement 6333.00 t
Light displacement 3557.00 t
Reference weight of loading cargo t
Gross Tonnage:4496ton 
Net tonnage: 1348ton
Navigation area: offshore/coastal 
Business area: A1+A2
Hull material steel 
Deck material steel 
Number of deck layers 1
No. of transverse compartment’s bulkhead 6 
Type of structure: framework in length and breadth
Quantity of ship equipment 969 
Quantity of anchor 7 
Quantity of anchor windlass 7
MAIN Engine: DAIHATSU, 1120HP * 2 SETS

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