59M 6800HP AHTSV
6800HP 59M Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel
Length O.A. overall (Mld hull) : 59.20m
Length W.L.: 55.729 m
Breadth moulded: 14.95m
Depth moulded: 6.10m
Draft moulded (design): 5.00m
Max. Draft: 5.185m
Clear Cargo Deck aft: 330m2
Deck Cargo approx.: 850 t (at max. draft of 5.0m)
At Designed draft of 5.0m, deadweight approx. is about 1,742.4 tons.
The vessel is also to demonstrate bollard pull of 80.3 Tonnes with main engines developing 100% rated MCR.
Main engines to be two (2) GN8320-2B/3B medium speed four stroke marine diesels each developing an MCR of 2500KWX600mrp.
Giving a total of about 5000KW Continuous power.
Three (2) CUMMINS marine diesel generating sets, each 400 KW
One bow thruster, one stern thruster.
Launched, can be delivered in 2 months after moa signed.
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